Wibrain B1E Review: Flexible Navigation

Wibrain B1E Review: Flexible Navigation

The computer is being small and smaller. After notebook, than comes the netbook (new name of small notebook/laptop) like Asus Eee PC or Classmate PC. Latter also emerges mini model in tablet form or module with shift keyboard which taking idea from PDA. So, this Wibrain UMPC is unique enough because its form more looks like portable console like GameBoy or PSP.

Wibrain B1E basically like the other UMPC which packaged computer in handy form so can be inserted into pants pocket. Wibrain cut the keyboard area becomes 2 parts. Remind us at Nokia N-gage phone. That layout makes user must get used to typing with 2 thumbs. To economize dimension, Wibrain perforce to locate small character button, so do the touchpad area in right side felt less balmy. Fortunately access to gadget still made easy with touch screen which sensitive when receives finger or stylus touch provided.

To execute various applications, Wibrain B1E is powered by VIA 1,2GHz processor (ULV - ultra low voltage). But during usage, this processor spreads the temperature that is felt enough on-hand. Fortunately, UMPC will turn of automatically when temperature exit canal experiences resistance so that make device safe from over temperature. Besides processor, tiny UMPC cooling system likely must always corrected by manufacturer so that more maximum.

With mini 1,8" harddisk with 30GB capacities plus DDR2 512MB RAM (available 1GB version), Wibrain clearly equivalent with Asus Eee or other Classmate PC. But Wibrain internal connectivity is not as complete both peripherals because only provides audio and a USB port connection. This happen of course because space boundary at gadget which only have ½ kg weight. To support more connectivity, Wibrain also provides additional docking which must be bought separately.


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